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Free Fax Number Free Fax Number provides one of the best free fax to email services.  With Free Fax Number receiving a fax is as easy as opening an email. Now there is no need to hang around the office waiting for that one fax, all your faxes are delivered straight into your fax inbox!! Free Fax Number is just that - FREE!! Fax to email can cost money, and some companies do charge, but not We give you the number free, you keep that number for life (as long as you keep it active by receiving at least one fax every 3 months), and you can access those faxes anywhere and anytime without the struggle and fuss of paperwork! This service is for large as well as small companies, and even for personal use and it is a proudly South African service. Free Fax to Email South Africa is the new way to receive faxes!


When you sign up for a Free Fax to Email account all the faxes sent to your fax number will be delivered to the email account you specify. All your faxes are delivered as an email with a PDF attachment. All you need to do now is sign in to your Blackberry mail, Gmail email, YahooMail, Hotmail account or which ever email account you use to access all your faxes. Fax to mail allows you to receive your faxes in any email account that is convenient for you - if you aren't sure which email service provider to choose you can check our email review site.












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